...Adopt A Paopu Fruit...

Paopu Adoption Agency
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Anybody , Moderated
Affliates; the special ones:Keybladerating
If you want to affliate then please email me ^^
::About this community::
This is a community where you can adopt your very own Paopu fruit

::Rules (please read)::
Posting rules
1.No spam
2.Please use clean language
3.You can post your site and such but please
don't do it in excess no over advertising
4.If you need help then feel free to ask
5.Have fun

Adoption rules
1.Do not directlink
2.Do not steal these and claim them as yours
3.Please link back to community
4.You may edit the papou to fit your site
but please don't go over board
5. Make sure you put your adopted Paopu fruit in a VISIBLE
place like your userinfo
5.Enjoy your new adopted Paopu Fruit take care of it and make sure to be good to it.

How to join:
1.Click on join this community
2.Adopt a papou fruit
3.Put it on your LJ
4.Make sure to link it back
to the community's main page
5.Do not directlink anything use your
own server space please

1.How many people run this community?
A.Just me and Buddy there is only two of us

2.Are you accepting Staff?
A.No not at the moment if need be I will post looking for help
If you are intrested in helping out then please ask. There may
need be a time when we need more people processing members

3.Can we directlink the Paopu?
A. No, please don't my freewebs account won't be too happy please use your own server.

4.What is a Paopu Fruit?
A. It is a fruit from the RPG game Kingdom Hearts according to the game if you share it with someone you love you will be destined to be together forever

5.Can we make our own codes?
A. If you want but please link them back here we want to make sure
people know about this community

6.Can we use the codes for backrounds and avies for our livejournal?

A. I perfer that you didn't but if you want to please contact me
Credit is always nice :)

7. You wanna affliate?
A. Sure please contact one of us with the url of your lj community and well add you

Thank you for your support any questions feel free to email me one.

Kingdom Hearts and all Trademarks belong to Square-Enix/Disney. This is a fan based community so no profit or claim of ownership is being made.
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