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Welcome to paopu adoption. Where you can adopt your own little paopu fruit and put it in your livejournal. Please read the rules before joining and know that I have to approve all incoming accounts. This is to reduce spam and to filter out sites that contain hate,porno or spam. Rules are listed below.

Posting rules
1.No spam
2.Please use clean language
3.You can post your site and such but please
don't do it in excess
4.If you need help then feel free to ask
5.Have fun

Adoption rules
1.Only one papou per membership
2.Do not directlink
3.Do not steal these and claim them as yours
4.Please link back to community
5.You may edit the papou to fit your site
but please don't go over board
5.Have fun!

Papou Fruit
Again you may take these (that's what there here for obviously)
I'm still making more if you want feel free to donate or make one
of your own. Please put these in a visable place like your userinfo or your joined section. Thanks!

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